Kenny Chesney Set to Perform and Close Out this Year’s CMT Music Awards

Kenny Chesney Set to Perform and Close Out this Year’s CMT Music Awards

Kenny Chesney is just itching to get out on stage and kick off the Here And Now 2022 tour on the 23rd of this month in Tampa.

In fact – Kenny can’t wait to share with fans what he has up his sleeve – so he reached out to the CMT Music Awards and asked if they had a spot for him to perform!

Kenny shares, “When I realized the CMT Music Awards were happening, I asked if they could find space for us to debut this band a little early and play one of the songs that defined what we do live… and they said, ‘C’mon.’ Excited to share we’re closing the show”

Kenny recently added drummer Nick Buda and guitarist Danny Rader, and Chesney says, “When we were looking at where to go, what to do next, it was interesting to see the chemistry with different people…so many great musicians came out, which took all of us to a new place in how we see these songs, what they’re capable of. But in the end, because this is a band, not just a group of musicians who back someone up, what Danny and Nick brought was a freshness that hits hard and lifts everything up in some pretty great ways.”

Kenny continues, Wyatt, HarmoniKenny Greenberg, and Jon are all still here – and bringing that magic like they always do. But adding the new players, they’re going to some pretty great places. We’ve not gone into the big room yet, but I can tell you from the run-throughs, it’s awesome.”

Kenny adds, “When you’re playing as many different kinds of music as we’re actually playing every night – it’s rock, it’s reggae, it’s calypso and singer/songwriter stuff – having players who switch gears without people feeling it; using that chemistry really makes things electric onstage. We’re still in the early phases of this, but I think once we get out on those big stages, it’s going to be awesome with where these songs are going already.”

No Shoes Nation will be tuning in Monday night (April 11th) to see Kenny Chesney close out the CMT Music Awards on CBS.

Photo Credit: Jill Trunnell