Lucas Phelan

Hey there, I’m Lucas! My radio travels have taken me from rural South Dakota where I was born and raised, through Omaha, Kansas City and Minneapolis, Minnesota (yes it’s cold, stupid cold).  I’m now, and damn proud to say it, a resident of the great state of Georgia! I’m a HUGE Country music fan, especially THE CHIEF.  In my mind there are only 2 seasons all year long, football season and…waiting for football season! I eat Chipotle no fewer than 4 times a week and am an avid 2nd Amendment supporter.  I’m also a total Star Wars nerd (my dog’s name is Lando) and if I ever won the lottery, I’d buy a huge plot of land and adopt every single dog I could.  Hunting, fishing and loving every day, I can’t wait to roll home with you from 3-7!