If “Kincaid” as I’m known on the show might sound familiar to you, I’ve been on the air around the country for years. New York City, Dallas, Denver, and Minneapolis are just a few of the places I’ve called home on my unique journey to entertain you each morning.

The husband of very patient and understanding wife Erin and dad to our two boys, I have a “I’m just doing the best I can” approach to life that instantly becomes relatable to so many struggling to find the time to just get it all done.

I enjoy chain restaurants more than any person alive. I thrive on consistency and massive amounts of coffee while constantly craving shrimp. When not on the air I spend my small amount of free time watching YouTube videos of people finding things in their barns and washing my car.






Hey y’all, I’m Dallas! My life in a few words? Radio and Animals! This country girl’s story starts in Alexander City, Alabama – which is about as rural as you can get. One thing our town did have was a radio station. And I jumped at a chance to work there when I turned 13. A while later, the Big City of Atlanta called my name and I’ll bet you’ve never seen someone pack a suitcase faster. While I do love the city lights, I’m all about country living. When I’m not in the New Country 101-FIVE studios or out-and-about meeting our wonderful listeners, you’ll find me on my little farm out in Paulding County. Keeping company with 2 horses, 2 donkeys, 8 dogs and 6 cats.





What’s up y’all! I’m “Good Times” Garrett Loudin, Kincaid & Dallas’ resident party guy and self-proclaimed chill dude. Born and raised in Woodstock, GA, I started my radio adventure fresh out of high school back in 2014. Somehow I was lucky enough to land a gig working with the three funniest people I’ve ever met, and now I get to spend every morning making y’all laugh with Kincaid, Dallas, and Producer Amanda! When I’m not goofing off on the air with my best friends, you can usually find me bringing down the house at my favorite karaoke bar, referencing obscure Lord of the Rings trivia, or splitting a Chili’s 2 for $25 with my girlfriend. Find me all over social media @garrettloudin!





Hey, it’s Producer Amanda! I’m the executive producer for Kincaid and Dallas which means my job is to keep the team on track behind the scenes! You can usually hear me speaking in a bad British accent, calling men trash (even though I’m in a new relationship), or screaming about things that probably don’t matter. I grew up in Hiram, graduated college from Kennesaw State, and managed to make my way here with these three friends! I love hate-watching Riverdale, drinking Dr. Pepper, and sometimes scrapbooking even though everyone makes fun of me for it. If you’re looking to find me on social media, you can at @okayamaanda!