Jon Pardi Shares the Story Behind the First Dance Song at His Wedding

Jon Pardi Shares the Story Behind the First Dance Song at His Wedding

After being delayed several times this year already, Jon Pardi and his wife Summer finally got to have their long awaited wedding last month right before Thanksgiving. While the plans for the event had to be adapted to the situation, Jon says that it turned out great, “It was really small and romantic, and we worked really hard to get there with the COVID-19 stuff. And it was just a beautiful wedding, and it was inside and it was a beautiful day outside, and we had string lights everywhere and flowers, and we had great music. Actually, DJ Silver came through and deejayed for us.” Jon shares DJ Silver’s response to the request for him to come provide music at the wedding, “He’s a sweetheart. He was like, ‘Man, I ain’t doin’ nothing’ [laughs].”

While Silver may have kept the tunes spinning for the people out on the dance floor, it was actually Jon himself who supplied the song for first dance that he had with Summer as man and wife.

Jon says “I wrote a song called ‘Look at You’ for my fourth record that I really like. [Summer] knows it, but then I told her I was going to go record it and maybe that would be our first dance song. And it came out really pretty. It’s a classic sounding song, and so it was a great first dance song.” So, when can fans expect to hear this very special track from Jon, “I think we’re gonna try to get that out onto the streaming world, and we’ll see what happens.”

Until then, his “Ain’t Always the Cowboy” is getting plenty of listens from fans all over, and you can check out the video from Jon Pardi for the song right here…

Photo credit: Jim Wright