4 Country Couples Raise $100K for Charity By Offering Fans the Chance to Go on a  Double Date

4 Country Couples Raise $100K for Charity By Offering Fans the Chance to Go on a Double Date

Wanna go on a double date with a country music power couple? Here’s your chance.

Four country music couples—Carly Pearce and Michael Ray, Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell, Kane and Katelyn Brown, and Scotty and Gabi McCreery—have teamed with dating app Bumble for a new campaign: “Country Couples for a Cause.”

New and existing Bumble users can enter the Country Couples for a Cause contest via Bumble’s app for a chance to win a double date with one of the aforementioned couples. Four Bumble users—and their guests—will be matched up with a country couple for a unique date that the country couple plans. Bumble will also make a $25,000 donation to each of the country couple’s charity of choice:

  • Carly Pearce and Michael Ray: The Ryan Seacrest Foundation
  • Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell: JDRF
  • Kane and Katelyn Brown: Boys & Girls Clubs of America
  • Scotty and Gabi McCreery: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

A panel of Bumble judges will determine the potential prize winners “based on the most thought-provoking and genuine answers to the contest submission.”

“When we’re not touring or on the road, one of our favorite things to do as a couple is to try new restaurants around Nashville,” says Michael Ray. “We can’t wait to plan a fun date night and share that experience with our fans.”

“Gabi and I have shared moments from our life together with our fans through social media, music videos and more so they can know us as real people,” says Scotty McCreery. “Partnering with Bumble is another great way to evolve that connection. We make a point to plan special dates often where we can enjoy being together and reconnect as husband and wife away from the craziness of what we both do in our outside lives.”

photos: Scotty & Gabi McCreery, Michael Ray & Carly Pearce by Curtis Hilbun; Kane & Katelyn Brown, Chris Lane & Lauren Bushnell by Tammie Arroyo, AFF-USA.com