Frankie Ballard Can’t Help But Gush About His New Bride: “I’ve Got the Strength of 10 Men Now”

Frankie Ballard Can’t Help But Gush About His New Bride: “I’ve Got the Strength of 10 Men Now”

Frankie Ballard surprised the country world with the announcement that he tied the knot with girlfriend Christina Murphy on March 12. While he kept his engagement secret from fans, the “You’ll Accomp’ny Me” singer can’t stop gushing about his beautiful bride now.

“I am a very blessed man. She is my partner,” Frankie told Nash Country Daily.  “[The wedding] was amazing. Chrissy is from Austin, Texas. So we went down there to [get married] because all four of her grandparents are still alive—which is just amazing. We wanted to make sure and do it really close so they could make it. It was really amazing. I can’t say enough about it. I could take up the whole interview. It feels amazing and I’ve got the strength of 10 men now.”

This was the moment right afterward…it all went so fast🙏🏽

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Little was known about Frankie’s new bride, Christina, who he met on the set of one of his videos. The actress, model, artist and business owner captured Frankie’s heart years ago. What started off as a friendship, soon blossomed into something more.

“She was an actress in L.A., and a model as well—she is very beautiful,” Frankie said with a sparkle in his eye. “She has green eyes that are impossible to not get lost in. She was out in L.A. working and I was casting for a music video. She was in this music video we did for a song called, ‘A Buncha Girls,’ a long time ago. We met on the set and I don’t know— it was a personality thing. At first, we just were joking around with each other and connected right away. It was a long-distance relationship for some period of time. You know? We managed to make it happen.”

The excitement in Frankie’s voice is evident as he continues to describe his new wife.

“She is an artist as well. Very creative person,” Frankie continues. “She has a boot company where she takes vintage cowboy boots and reworks them. She turns them into her own expression and puts them back and gives them a second life, because there are so many vintage cowboys boots out there that need a second life. She is an amazing person you know. A spirit, a pure spirit. Softens me the way I need to be softened. Like I said, just really my partner.”

The feeling of love is certainly mutual. Christina posted a photo, following the wedding, of her husband on Instagram (@oldsmokeyboots). “Mr. and Mrs. Ballard. Thank you Jesus for this man,” she wrote in the post.

Mr. And Mrs. Ballard ✨🙏🏼Thank you Jesus for this man.

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As for a honeymoon, the couple will have to wait. Due to Frankie’s busy schedule, the newlyweds have been unable to find time to make that moment happen . . . yet.

“I think we are gonna save it up for the appropriate time. I am just starting to really ramp things up and the summer touring season will be under way before we know it. So it’s kind of difficult right now, but we are gonna save a few bucks and save some time. Maybe in the fall to celebrate. But we are definitely celebrating.”

Of that, we have no doubt. Congratulations to the happy couple.