Watch Chris Stapleton Share With Jimmy Fallon the Not-So-Serious Meaning Behind the Lyrics to “Traveller”

In Jimmy Fallon’s not-so-serious quest to find the secret meaning Behind the Lyrics of some of his favorite songs, he enlisted the help of Chris Stapleton to explain the significance of “Traveller,” the title track to his 2015 breakout album.

“Well, the song ‘Traveller’ is about seeing life through the eyes of an NBA referee,” said Chris. “Now, they see this kind of stuff all day long. This one is for you guys, oh, and for the people who work at Foot Locker.”

DNCE and Hailee Steinfeld also take part in the skit. Check it out below. Chris’ segment begins at the 24-second mark, if you have no patience for the DNCE troupe explaining “Cake by the Ocean.”