Lady Antebellum’s Parent Edition of “Never Have I Ever”

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Lady Antebellum played a game of “Never Have I Ever:  Parenting Edition” . . . and I’m calling B.S. on a couple of their answers.

They kept it real on the first one. When asked if they’ve ever “faked being asleep so their significant other would have to deal with the crying baby” . . . each of them said they “have.”

The next question was, “Never have I ever cried during a kid’s movie.” Dave Haywood and Hillary Scott told the truth and said they “have.” But Charles Kelly went with “never.”

He said, quote, “I haven’t cried. I’ve felt it. But as for actually physically crying, no.”

(As for actually believing you, Charles. No.)

This was a tough one. They were asked if they’ve ever “dropped an F-bomb” in front of their kids. Hillary said, “I think so” and then changed her answer to “never.”  I’m not a poker player, but I’m pretty sure changing your mind like that is a “tell.”







Featured Image: (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)​